The conditions created by COVID-19 are utterly unique and require all of us to be even more mindful and respectful of each other’s wellbeing. As always, at KoraliHouse we are undeniably committed to the safety, health and comfort of our guests and staff. In accordance with the latest guidance form the World Health Organization as well as the Greek health authorities, we have modified our operational procedures to ensure our collective wellbeing. Surpassing the rudimentary guidelines by elevating the standards even higher, we have developed supplementary protocols for our hotels and are implementing increased awareness of our protection measures, so that our guests holiday continues to be a unique experience that inspires both confidence and ease. In this section you can see our most important actions and initiatives


Special signs in the entrance of the room confirming the in-depth cleaning and comprehensive disinfecting of the space, while guests also have the option of further disinfecting any parts of the room they wish themselves.
Provision of antiseptics and single-use masks.
Full information regarding our hygiene protocols are available in each room.


Strict observation of social distancing based on clear sign posting.
Placement of POS on the exterior of the reception desk partition.
Avoidance of handshakes, antiseptics and gloves available in all shared spaces.


Mandatory certification of good health required from all staff members, and adherence to personal hygiene protocols.
Mandatory use of face masks by all staff members.

Action Plan



The accommodation’s management has determined as coordinator for the supervision of the action plan, the owner of the company Mr. Emmanouil Karavas.


The coaching (for the observance of the health protocol) has been attended by Emmanouil Karavas, a special seminar through e-learning hosted by the Lifelong Learning Center in the region of Macedonia.

Organisation of the Accommodation

The accommodation provides all the adequate Individual Protection Measures (IPM) and ensures the continuous adequacy of reserves.

In the case where one of the employees shows symptoms of the disease, they stay at home and return to the working enviroment if the laboratory examination has diagnosed them negative. Furthermore, if the employee comes in contact with a symptomatic customer they owe to stay at home. In the aforementioned cases the employee notifies the manager for the enforcement of the action of handling a suspicious symptom in the accommodation.

Concerning individual responsibility, every morning employees’ temperatures will be taken. Thorough staff examination may follow depending on the area’s epidemiologic profile.


Plan for suspicious case

Responsible for the implementation of the operation for the confrontation of a suspicious case is Emmanouil Karavas. The accommodation follows strictly the advice of ΕΟΔΥ (NPHO) (Appendix I).

Keep of records and book of events for COVID-19

For the functioning of the operation for public health, the accommodation keeps documents of members of staff and all persons who have resided here (name, country of origin, date of check-in and check-out, data for contact such as address, phone number, e-mail etc.) so that there will be possible contact with close relatives of the Covid-19 infected customer, who will be identified retrospectively.

Briefing and communication

The present operation and its requirements can be found in the accommodation’s website inside the COVID-19 section.

Protocol of the reception service

The accommodation’s staff follows the basic measures in avoiding spreading of the COVID-19 virus. The accommodation has special equipment (medical kit) in the case of a suspicious symptom such as medical gloves, one use protective masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, aprons, long sleeve robes, one use shoe covers and infrared thermometers. There are also antiseptics provided to the customer on the accommodation’s entrance as well as in every floor of the building. The staff carries out continous disinfections of keys, door handles and handrails. For reasons of public health the reception will be outside of the building in a semi-outdoor space where check-ins and check-outs will take place. In the aforementioned place there are floor decals reminding the customer of the 2 meters distance between them and the staff member with proper queue management for the minimisation of waiting on line during check-in and check-out. The duration for check-out is until 11:00 am and check-in from 15:00 pm. The duration between check-out and check-in hours is critical for the cleaning and the disinfection of the rooms. We’re pointing out that no one except the accommodation’s customers are allowed inside the rooms.

Service protocol for building floors, rooms and communal areas

The accommodation follows the steps (in compliance with Δ1γ/Γ.Π/οικ19954/20.03.2020 decree of the Ministry of Health << Measures for cleaning and disinfection in houserooms and surfaces during development of the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic>> Internet post number: 6ΚΨ6465ΦΥΟ-1ΝΔ) of cleaning and disinfenction. While at work, the staff must follow the basic steps in avoiding the spread of the COVID-19 viru. The staff is prohibited from smoking consuming food or drinks while carrying special equipment (medical gloves, masks, long sleeve robes, shoe covers). The rooms are cleaned and ventilated between check-in and check-out hours. To avoid contact between a member of staff and a possible virus case and further spread of it, room cleaning, sheet and towel replacement won’t be frequently executed during stay unless the customer requests otherwise. The staff executes thorough cleaning and disinfections (sprayers) of the surfaces that customers commonly come in contact with in the rooms. During replacement of towels, sheets etc. the staff follows the hygiene rules with usage of appropriate individual protective equipment (special medical apron, gloves and masks). The used sheets and towels are put in individual marked plastic bags that are later transfered to the laundry room. The used and clean linen are separated and marked. The sheets and the towels are washed in temperatures of 70oC and up. The staff takes care of the cleaned linen and ensures that they are transfered and stored in great conditions.

Appendix I


Handling of a possible COVID-19 case


If a costumer shows symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 virus, the procedure goes as follows:

  1. A doctor who cooperates with the accommodation is called for evaluation of the situation.
  2. If the patient has urgent need of hospitalisation, shows serious symptoms, he is transfered to the local health unit.

In the case where the local health unit is incapable of handling the COVID-19 incident, the patient must be transfered to the nearest hospital (ΕΚΑΒ, water ambulance, helicopter etc.).

  1. If the patient shows mild symptoms, the doctor takes samples for laboratorial study and affirmation of COVID-19 case.
  2. Provided that the doctor confirms of COVID-19 infection of the customer, the health manager of the accommodation contacts IMMEDIATELY with NPHO (210 5212054 or the special four-digit number 1135 which are available 24/7) for the report of the case and further instructions of handling it.
  3. The patient with mild symptoms remains inside the room until the confirmation or not of the sample study.
  4. During the customer’s waiting, staff is prohibited from entering the room without an important reason. If there is necessity then one member of staff is responsible for handling it.
  5. The doctor and the members of staff of the accommodation that enter the room of the COVID-19 positive customer must use individual protective eqipment (masks, medical gloves, glasses and waterproof long sleeve robes), the members of staff responsible for the cleaning and disinfection of the room must follow the same procedure.
  6. If the case is confirmed as COVID-19 positive by the study then the patient is transfered to a special quarantine hotel and later to a hospital. If the symptoms are not related to the virus and the customer is COVID-19 negative then the patient remains at place and the staff follows the instructions of the doctor.
  7. The patient is transfered with IPM (medical mask) to an individual transport vehicle.
  8. If there is escort with the patient inside the vehicle who is willing to take care of them (e.g. spouse) they are provided with a medical mask and adviced to wash their hands whenever they com in contact with the patient especially when they touch their face or consume foods or drinks.
  9. There must always be a documentaion of the information of the patient’s relatives in the case where the patient cannot communicate for the event of possible surgery.
  10. The used IPM must be thrown in garbage and not to be used again.
  11.  After the removal of the IPM the person must wash their hands. It is important to keep in mind that the usage of medical gloves does not necessarily mean that the person has not come in contact with the patient, hand washing the most critical prevention measure.

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